Dalton Gatlin, Principal

Dalton Gatlin has been involved in classical Christian education since third grade when he became a student at New Covenant, graduating from the school in 2004. He has been teaching in classical Christian education since 2008. In 2014, he became the Head of the School of Logic and Rhetoric at a school in Pennsylvania. He has a B.A. in History and a M. Ed. in Christian School Administration from Regent University. He became principal of New Covenant Christian School in March 2020. 

Dalton joined NCCS because of the school’s unique core values. “At NCCS, students are more than minds; they are also disciples of Christ, sons and daughters of God called to do His will. It is a blessing to align with God every day to unlock the imago Dei potential He has gifted each student while worshiping Him in every area of the school: academically, spiritually, and relationally. I am truly blessed to be a part of this wonderful New Covenant family and to have my children attend the school.”

Dalton has been married to Caitlynn (also a NCCS graduate) since 2010. He enjoys spending time with their five kids doing projects around the house and in the yard, or reading a good book in the moments of calm which come and go. He attends New Covenant Christian Church. 

Brooke Brown, Secretary

Brooke has been working with kids for as long as she can remember. Specifically, she worked at a church-affiliated daycare for ten years, five of which she was the assistant director while also planning and teaching the K4 program. She also currently teaches in her church’s children’s ministry. 

When asked why Brooke is at NCCS, she replied, “God led us to NCCS when we were looking for a school for my son. I began to volunteer in my son’s classroom, in the school office, at recess, and substitute teach when needed. I also never missed chapel. I love the NCCS family and looked for any ways I could help. I still do all the same volunteering at the school. However, the office volunteering has turned into a job that i truly love.” 

Brooke has been married for nine years. Her husband works for the state of Michigan. They have one son; he has attended NCCS since kindergarten. Brooke enjoys reading books, watching movies, and doing anything that includes her family. 

Charnay Todd, Secretary

Charnay has been working in office administration for over five years. She is pursuing a B.S. and master’s degree in Business Administration from Cornerstone University. 

When asked why Charnay joined NCCS, she replied, “I have always had a feeling that I was called to use my administration gift in a God centered atmosphere. I have always had a pull on me in which God would bring me in and out of jobs, I believe for me to find this very particular one. So when this opportunity came to me I knew it was meant to be. It is an honor to work at a place where it is centered on the focus of what my husband and I believe to be true, which is God’s love and foundation. His Word is vital, and knowing His purpose is too, which they teach at New Covenant. What a blessing it is for me to be a part of this life changing atmosphere that focuses on bringing the Kingdom perspective into reality.” 

Charnay has been married to Anthony for four years. He works at Freight Handlers. Together they have two girls, Harmony Grace and Nyla Joy. Charnay enjoys time with her family, taking walks, riding bikes, playing card games, vacationing, and watching sports. 

Louise Burns, Accounting

Louise has been working in accounting for many years. In addition to serving as the accountant of New Covenant Christian School, she has has been the accountant of New Covenant Christian Church as well as a landscaping company her family owned. Louise earned a teaching certificate from Spring Arbor University and has taken several accounting classes along the way.

When asked why she does accounting, Louise responded, “Doing accounting for New Covenant Church and School has brought joys and heartache. Working through times of drought and abundance has been challenging. God is always faithful in providing for the needs of the school and church. Bringing God’s ways into finances has been my goal.”

Louise has been married to Ron, a fellow Spring Arbor graduate and the Senior Pastor of New Covenant Christian Church, for over 45 years. They have been blessed with two children: Amy, a teacher; and Paul, a legislative director.

Louise enjoys sewing, which she uses to bless Pregnancy Services with baby quilts. She also enjoys reading, thereby achieving her goal of being a life-long learner. Her favorite authors are from Bethel Church in Redding, California. 

Elementary Staff

Karla Glennon, K4 and Spanish

Karla has over 20 years of teaching experience, ranging from kindergarten through high school. Her original training was as a kindergarten teacher from her home country, Guatemala, and she has been teaching at NCCS for nine years. She earned a certificate to teach English as a Second Language and has also studied law.

Karla joined the NCCS family because “I truly believe that God has given each one of us gifts, and for me personally one of them was to be able to communicate in another language. I was blessed to find NCCS where I can use this gift and share with my students and peers about the wonderful things God has for us. As a teacher, the goal is to help students reach their potential. In my case, it is also to introduce young minds to a different culture and language through the message of Salvation to the world.” 

Karla moved to Lansing about thirteen years ago and has been married to Robert, who is in real estate, for over ten years. They have two bilingual boys. Her family loves to travel and spend time together, and they attend Mount Hope Church. 

Jannet Benson
Grades K5-1

Jannet has over 30 years of experience in early childhood development, most of which are in Christian education. She has taught preschool – 3rd grade. She is certified in Early Childhood Development and has gained training in the Spalding Reading Program. 

She is at NCCS “to help nurture, grow, disciple, and educate children to become ALL that God has called them to be in their families, churches, schools, and communities. 

Jannet has been married to Pastor Charles for over 30 years. Together they have served as pastors in the community for over 15 years. Jan has founded a women’s conference, led Bible study groups, and co-authored the book, “Seven by Four Break-through.” Pastor Charles and Jan have three children and four grandsons. Jan enjoys spending time with family; teaching; singing; going to the beach; reading and studying the Bible; and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Sharyl Helmker
Grades 2-3

Shari has been teaching in Christian schools for over 35 years in many grades and subjects. She has a B.A. in Elementary Education from Spring Arbor University with minors in Biology and Social Sciences. She has also completed Master’s classes at Michigan State to complete her permanent continuing certification with the Michigan Department of Education. 

She is at NCCS because God made it abundantly clear to her that it is the best place for her as an educator. She continues, “The Holy Spirit is moving and blessing me here at New Covenant and I am so thankful to be a part of it. Jesus is the focus of everything we learn and every lesson I teach. What a blessing to start with the foundational Truth of Scriptures!”

Shari is married to Marvin, who retired as a Battalion Chief for Lansing and currently is the EMS program director at Lansing Community College. Together they have four daughters, four son-in-laws, and four granddaughters. Shari enjoys reading, sewing, baking, crocheting, and camping.

Rita Bishop
Grades 4-5

Rita has been teaching in children’s ministry for over 30 years and has been teaching in Christian schools for over 15 years in many elementary grades. 

On her decision to serve at New Covenant, Rita says, “The Lord opened many doors that led me to NCCS, starting with my grandson attending. I love showing and sharing how amazing God is, and being at NCCS is part of His plan for my life at this time.” 

Rita has been married to Pastor Rick for over 30 years. Pastor Rick has been a pastor during their entire marriage. Together they have five children and six grandchildren. Rita enjoys spending time with her family, camping, scrapbooking, and crafting. 

Secondary Staff

    Lauren Nunn
   Grades 6-8

Lauren has been teaching for eleven years and has been at NCCS for ten years, where she also carries administrative responsibilities. She earned a B.A. in Elementary Education from Michigan State University and has a Michigan Professional Teaching Certificate in k-8 all subjects and 6-8 Language Arts. 

She is at NCCS because “It is a privilege to teach and explore alongside my students and to help them grow in their unique journeys with the Lord. I’m so thankful to teach at a school where the whole child matters, discipleship is central, and glorifying God is our priority, It is an absolute joy to spend my days with my middle school students, helping them in the process of becoming who the Lord has created them to be.”

Lauren has been married to Josh, who works as the production director for Riverview Church, for eight years. Together they have two boys, Elliot and August. When Lauren is not spending time with her boys, she loves to read, cook, and spend time outside. 

       Steve Sochay
      Grades 6-12

Steve has been involved in Christian education for over 30 years. He joined NCCS in 1996, where he teaches primarily middle school and high school Bible and Math while also serving as the senior class advisor. He earned a B.B.A. in Business/Accounting from Notre Dame University and an A.A. in Christian Ministry from Wold Harvest Bible College. During his lengthy career in Christian education, he has been awarded teacher awards from the University of Notre Dame and Hillsdale College. He has also worked as an education consultant to several Christian schools. 

When asked why he is at NCCS, Steve replied, “I teach at NCCS because it is the best place to fulfill my personal calling as a teacher and utilize my giftings within the Body of Christ. NCCS has a family atmosphere on many levels: assisting parents with their primary responsibility in educating their children; being a mentor and role model to the next generation; being a spiritual father to many sons and daughters; and experiencing my son begin his time at NCCS and watching him grow in his faith and academics throughout his primary and secondary educational years.” 

Steve has been married to Faith for ten years; she is a nurse at McLaren Hospital. Their son Migizi is four-years-old. Steve enjoys family activities, camping, hiking, kayaking, reading, and Notre Dame football. 

          Mekensie Campbell
      Grades 6-12

Mekensie has been teaching middle school and high school math and science in Christian education for two years. She earned a B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. 

When asked why she is at NCCS, Mekensie said, “I am at NCCS because I have a love for teaching at a small, Christ centered school where the students and teachers are able to get to know each other well. I believe in the mission and the vision of the school and I love to impart my knowledge and passion for science, math, and our Creator God to my students.” 

Mekensie has been married to Seth for three years; he just graduated from medical school and is beginning his orthopedic residency. Together they have one dog and one cat. Mekensie enjoys gardening, reading, and spending time with Seth travelling and hiking. They have been to many national parks and have even climbed Mt. Whitney, which is the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States. She is the oldest of seven brothers and sisters.

   Paul Huetteman
   Grades 6-12

Paul has been teaching high school students for over 30 years. He has been at NCCS for three years. He earned a B.S. in Education with a major in English and a minor in Psychology. 

He joined the NCCS family because “the students are all special and the small, close-knit atmosphere allows us to understand and support our students and their needs much more than what I have experienced in larger public schools.” 

Paul has been married to Lauren, who is also an educator, for over 35 years. Together they have two sons. Besides teaching, Paul enjoys sports, short stories, historical biographies, and movies. 

          Cassie Davis
      Grades K5-8

Cassie is passionate about art. She received her bachelor’s degree from Spring Arbor University in K-12 visual arts education and has been working with kids and students for 15 years. Shortly after graduating, she had the joy of teaching 2/3 grade at New Covenant, as well as substitute teaching and teaching a summer art class. She took a break from teaching to open a daycare where she often incorporated art into her weekly program. In addition, she is a freelance artist/illustrator with a self-published children’s book she was inspired to write while previously teaching at NCCS.

Cassie decided to return to New Covenant because Christ is at the center of everything the school does, and the teachers and students become family. Having graduated from NCCS, coming back to teach at New Covenant feels like coming home. 

Cassie is married with two children. She is devoted to serving Jesus in everything she does. Whether it’s worshipping through art or serving in student ministry at her church, she believes that loving Jesus and loving people should be our number one priority. 

   Pastor Rick Bishop
   Grades K4-5

Pastor Rick received a theology degree from Bob Jones University and has been involved in Christian education for sixteen years. He has been a PE teacher, a Bible teacher, and an administrator, and he loves working with young people of all ages. He currently serves as the Pastor of Outreach Baptist Church.

Pastor Rick has been married to Rita for over thirty years. They enjoy spending time with their five children and six grandchildren.

          Katelyn McCausey
      Grades K5-5

Mrs. McCausey has been teaching music through private lessons, homeschool co-ops, and summer camps for five years. She graduated from Great Lakes Christian College in 2017 with degrees in Music and Theology. Her time in Bible college inspired a love of studying how music and theology interact. Joining the New Covenant family felt like coming full circle. She attended NCCS K-12. The school and its teachers played a very big role in guiding her through many “growing up” journeys — even in her family’s recent adoption journey. Her kids began attending NCCS in 2019, opening doors to come back as a staff member.

When asked what she loves about NCCS, Katie responded “that it is more than grades and athletics — it’s discipleship, growing in knowledge, and learning more about God and the world He has made. It is a wonderful opportunity to be teaching at a school where students are empowered to learn more about Christ in every area of their education!”

Katie is married to Nolan. He teaches piano, works for Reeder Pianos, and is Katie’s permanent accompanist for any musical endeavor. Katie and Nolan adopted their two children in 2020 and have two dogs. The combination of kids and pets keep them fairly busy! When there is some open time, Katie loves to read, dye yarn, crochet, and is learning how to disc golf. 

NCCS Board of Trustees

From left to right:
Ernest Tisdale
Drew Kerjes, Board President
Michael Cronkright
Rich Geer
Hal Spaeth
Pastor Ron Burns
Principal Dalton Gatlin

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