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Safety & Security

Safety is a priority at NCCS. We have a secure campus. Visitors must enter through the secured main entrance and immediately register as a visitor in the school office.

Parking Lot Safety

After school pickup is monitored by the staff and students are only released to parents or other adults as approved in advance by parents.

Emergency Procedures

We have detailed procedures in place for fire, tornado, and lockdown events. We will run several drills throughout the year. A list of dates of completed drills will be posted here.

In the event of a lockdown, please do not try to contact your child or the school office. We will notify you when an “all-clear” has been given.

Emergency Drills History

NCCS 2023-2024 School Year Completed Drills

Fire Drills: 3/5

Tornado Drills: 1/2

Lockdown Drills: 2/3

For a list of prior completed drills, please click here.

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