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Why New Covenant Christian School?


New Covenant seeks to promote a lifestyle of adoration to God, creating a desire to worship Him in every aspect of one’s being. Creating a culture of worship through symbolic and aesthetic forms is one way this can be accomplished. 


New Covenant is more than an organization; it is a family that includes staff, students, parents, alumni, and others who are united in the discipleship of children. With Christ as our model, we walk in grace, reconciliation, sacrifice, and service toward others.


God’s image is on each individual, giving them value, purpose, and qualities which reflect His nature. In this way, our teachers work on drawing out God’s unique expression within each student, encouraging them to walk in their God-given identities.

Christian Education

Christ is the center of everything we do. From every lesson to every gathering, Christ is King.

Biblical Worldview

The Bible is not merely added to our academic content. Rather, Scripture forms the foundation for knowledge.

Class Sizes

We offer small class sizes so that our teachers can know how to best help each individual student.

Classical Curriculum

The classical model -- grammar, logic, and rhetoric -- follows a time-tested method that recognizes the natural development of each student.

Holistic Education

Students are more than minds. Thus, we seek to grow the physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of each student.

Learning and Discipleship

We seek to assist parents in forming Christ-followers, willing to serve Him in every area. This is the heart of discipleship.

NCCS Mission

To assist Christian parents in training their children to KNOW God intimately, GROW as lifelong learners, and SOW God’s Kingdom presence wherever He plants them.

NCCS Vision

To launch generations of world-changers who actively set their hope in God, “understand the times,” and are prepared to do whatever God directs.

Parent Testimonials

Parents are part of our school family. Thus, “uniting with parents” is more than a saying; it is a lifestyle.

Alumni Testimonials