It is a priority of the parents and staff of New Covenant Christian School to establish a well-rounded educational program including physical development.  Therefore, it is crucial that we provide physical activities for the development of our students’ bodies, as well as for a wholesome source of fun, and an outlet for energy.  The spirit of these activities will be consistent in every way with the NCCS Statement of Purpose.


The focus for both athletic practice and competitions will be to provide a training environment for the development of:

  • Character: We desire to see students grow in Godly character traits as they learn to respond in a Christ-like manner to the challenges, frustrations, and trials of athletics. The students must learn to display a high standard of sportsmanship, being able to handle public acclaim for successes and public criticism for losses.
  • Discipline: We desire to see students learn both the necessity for and rewards of hard work and concentrated effort, as they practice to improve, learn from their mistakes, obey their coaches, and submit to referee decisions.
  • Teamwork:We desire to see students learn to work together to achieve maximum team performance.
  • Leadership: We desire to see students develop into leaders who serve and who feel a sense of responsibility for the well being of the team as a whole, as well as for each individual member.

Sports Offered This Year

Please contact the office for more information or to sign up for sports. You can also message our Athletic Director Richard Martin for more information at 

Boys and Girls Soccer (3rd – 12th grade)
We partner with the LA Dragons.  Click here to go to their website with registration and game information.

Pee-Wee Basketball (3rd – 5th grade)
We have our own teams that play in a local league. 

Middle School Basketball (Grades 5+6, 7+8)
We have our own girls teams and boys teams that play local middle schools. 

Girls Basketball (9th – 12th grade)
We partner with the Lansing Christian High School team. 

High School Boys Wrestling
We partner with Sexton High School Wrestling Team. 

High School Boys Baseball
We partner with Lansing Christian High School.

High School Girls Softball
We partner with the Lansing Christian and Lansing Catholic High School teams. 

High School Boys and Girls Track
We partner with the Lansing Christian and Martin Luther High School teams. 

Co-Ed Tennis
We partner with the Lansing Christian High School team.