What Kind of a “Time” Will You Have This Christmas?

The answer to that question is found in the four statements the angels gave to the shepherds at the very first Christmas. There are four things that the angels said that we’re to do at Christmas: Release our fears. Renew our faith. Receive forgiveness. Rebuild relationships. IT’S TIME TO RELEASE OUR FEARS.The first thing the […]

Ready for Cell Phones, Social Media, etc.: At What Age? – Dr. Charles Faye

At what age should our kids be allowed to have their own cell phones? When is it appropriate for them to begin using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Texting, etc.)? The overly simplistic answer: Not before their early to middle teenage years. Few kids have the maturity to handle the pressures of these privileges prior to adolescence. In fact, […]

Don’t Steal from Your Kids by Giving Them too Much – Dr. Jim Faye

I know some loving parents who do just about everything to make sure their kids are happy every second of the day. If there isn’t the type of food they like in the fridge, they run to the store to buy it. Whenever the newest fad or electronic device comes out, they make sure they’re the […]