Biblical Worldview and The Peers Test

Our purpose is to develop a biblical worldview in our students. Research proves that not all Christian Schools are equal in achieving this. It is important to note that not all Christian schools have this as their desired outcome.

The Nehemiah Institute has developed the PEERS test to assess a student’s biblical worldview on Politics, Economics, Education, Religion, and Social Issues.

Their conclusion is that Christian schools that do not deliberately teach a biblical worldview perspective are still impacted by the ungodly social norms of our culture. They are sliding slower towards humanism and socialism than public schools, but they are still heading in that direction, as the Trend Analysis graph below highlights.

The scores are to be interpreted on the following scale:

Biblical Theism worldview- 70 – 100
Moderate Christian worldview-   30-69
Secular Humanist worldview-   0-29
Socialist worldview-    less than 0

Results from seniors in US high school have ranged from -59.43 to +100.00.
The average for the US was 33.34. The NCCS average over 10 years is 66.