Christian Education

Christian Schools are founded from either the revelation of a parental covenant with God, or, from dissatisfaction with public schools.

The covenant vision accepts as central that parents are charged by God with the responsibility to raise their children in ways of the Lord. Here, then, is the reason for the existence of our school. Parents are called to instruct their children by showing them the praises of the Lord, His strength, and His wonderful works (Psalm 78). They are to do this at home, in the church, and in the school. Our school is founded upon and grounded in God’s covenant with parents.

Dissatisfaction, as the other motive for schools, is prompted by the fears of many parents, and with good reason, that their children will be ruined in public schools. Most are concerned with threats to the physical, moral, and spiritual well being of children. Some Christian parents are perturbed by the absence of God and His word from the public schools, and by the presence of atheism or evolution. Others are dissatisfied because of the lawlessness within public schools. There is little or no discipline. Drugs abound. Sexual wickedness is rampant. The environment is that of an amoral or anti-moral culture.


Hand in hand with the breakdown of discipline and law goes the deterioration of the quality of education. Perhaps children do not receive much personalized attention or accountability.

So, parents and churches have established schools in which there is discipline, decent conduct and superior education. However, schools established for these reasons are not necessarily Christian Schools. Almost universally, these schools adopt the same structures as, organization and as the public schools.

New Covenant Christian School stands on a completely different foundation. It was not established because we fear for the safety of our children, or because we are terrified by drugs, or even because we saw the quality of “free public education” going downhill.

We desire discipline and respect for authority in the school, and we have it. We rejoice that our children are free from a “culture” of drugs and death in the school, as well as the sexual corruption, and, indeed, the wicked impact of their classmates. We require and provide a rigorous quality of education.

It makes a significant difference. If we are in a covenant then our commitment changes on all levels.