A Christian education at NCCS is strikingly different from many Christian schools. Surprisingly, not all Christian schools develop a Biblical worldview in their students.

NCCS is a discipleship school; a place where young people can be encouraged to find, prepare for and begin to fulfill their unique and specific destinies in the Kingdom of God. Jesus is at the center of all that we do.

Growing young people who can genuinely think from a biblical worldview perspective requires a special curriculum and emphasis. Each year we assess the biblical worldview of our students using the PEERS, and we achieve excellent results. See our results.



NCCS is committed to:

  • Maintaining an environment where righteousness, peace and joy reign supreme under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The guiding principles for our community are Worship, Family, and Freedom;
  • Actively partnering with parents. We accept the divinely ordained partnership between home, church and school;
  • Emphasizing relationships as the center of learning;
  • Delivering an exceptional learning experience where ‘How to think’ is as valued as ‘Knowing’;
  • Meeting students at their level of development.

Our students are well prepared for both success at College and life in the Kingdom.

Please read our Statement of Faith and our Spiritual and Moral Goals.